By Alex Fees

St. Charles, MO (KSDK) - For the most part, it was not a very raucous crowd that gathered Monday night at Bobby's Place on historic Main Street in St. Charles.

The 2012 National League Championship Series Game 7 was not exactly the moment in Cardinal history they were hoping to witness.

At one point Kyle Lohse loaded up the bases before Mike Matheny stepped out of the dug-out to replace him with Joe Kelly. Then on Kelly's first pitch it all fell apart.

It was five to nothing, and it was only the third inning.

Still, the Cardinals faithful remained faithful.

"Long way to go in this game yet; I'm not going to count us out, but I'm a little concerned being down this far," said Tom Boschert.

Todd Young added, "It's early, but 7-0 in San Francisco? But we could chip away; get a few runs here and there."

Optimism died a slow and painful death.

Michael Verret altered his appearance trying to shake-off bad mojo from the night before.

"I came out here tonight shaved the beard; I went 'stache. Though it does seem like it's late in the game," he said.

It did. At 8:30 p.m. it felt like it was midnight.

But Aubrey Moss, good ol' never-say-die Aubrey reminded us from where we had come.

"I still have complete hope," said Moss, crossing her fingers. "Hoping they will pull through. We all saw NLDS Game 5. We came back down from a 6-0 deficit!"