By Heidi Glaus

St. Louis (KSDK) -- St. Louis haunted houses don't feature people dressed in costume.

NewsChannel 5 viewer Donna Johnson wanted to know if there are any real haunted houses in St. Louis, so NewsChannel 5's Heidi Glaus went to the Lemp Mansionto find out in this week's HeyHeidi! segment.

Considering it was built in the 1860's, there's bound to be a couple of creaky doors, but tour the Lemp Mansion with Dr. Michael Lynch, a man armed with his ghost gun.

"We just sit here quietly and watch what's going on," Lynch explains as he uses his gun.

You'll learn there's more than creaky doors to creep you out.

"If you count the children and the adults there's probably eight permanent residents," Lynch says.

Not humans, spirits that were spotted decades ago and still seem to linger.

"It's normally William Lemp Sr., William Lemp Jr. and his two wives," Lynch points out.

As the spine-tingling story goes three, maybe four Lemps committed suicide.

"The last one was Charles Lemp. He was the last occupant of the house and he killed his doberman pincher before he killed himself," Lynch adds.

Strangely enough, several stories from those who come in search of something beyond seem to refer to a dog.

"They claimed that they're knees were being hit by something low to the ground, like it was a dog," Lynch says.

Of course, the Lemp is just the most famous or infamous haunted house in St. Louis.

"Oh there are probably hundreds, hundreds. They don't want to talk about it, but the Demenil Mansion was claimed at one time to be highly haunted," Lynch adds.

Apparently, ghosts aren't always contained by walls.

"We noticed that there were a lot of ambient ghosts just flying up and down the main street there in St. Charles," he goes on to say.

So a picture might be worth a thousand words, but a picture of the Lemps tends to keep people talking for years whether they believe in ghosts or not.

If you dare, the Lemp Mansion offers paranormal tours.

This weekend Dr. Lynch will explain orbs and other creepy things Saturday night at a ghost tour in St. Charles. It's part of something known as the Contamination Halloween Horror Show.

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