By Steve Patterson

St. Louis (KSDK) - What is Proposition R? Proposition R on the November 6 ballot is asking voters whether to reduce the number Aldermen for the first time since St. Louis' initial charter.

The Language of Prop R: "Shall the Charter of the City of St. Louis be amended in accordance with the Board of Alderman Amendment Ordinance?"

With a vote of 21-7, the Board of Aldermen voted to pass Board Bill 31: An ordinance requiring a reduction in the number of wards.

In November they're asking voters to amend the city's nearly 100 year old charter in support.

If Proposition R passes, the 28 wards and alderman would be cut in half to 14. It wouldn't take effect until 2022 so city leaders have time to draw boundaries based on the 2020 census.

Those in favor say this would streamline the government system and hopefully save money in salaries and staff. Those in opposition believe less aldermen means less attention to detail and bigger staffs.
Click the attached video to see how St. Louis stacks up in "representative per resident."

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