By Casey Nolen

St. Louis (KSDK) - On November 6, voters in Missouri will decide whom they want as the state's top attorney. And judging by the ads there is no love lost between incumbent Democrat Chris Koster and his main challenger, Republican Ed Martin.

First, the incumbent's ad's.

Koster campaign ad with Koster narrating:
"...that's been my career; prosecuting thousands of cases from crooked stock brokers to serial killers. My opponents attack ads fail to mention he's never prosecuted a single case in court."

True, but irrelevant says Ed Martin's campaign. Touting his 15 years as an attorney, the campaign says the Office of Attorney General is often filled by first-time prosecutors including former A.G.'s Jack Danforth and Jay Nixon.

Koster campaign ad, narrator:
"$2 million. That's what tax payers paid in legal bills for Ed Martin's recklessness in office..."

This charge references an investigation into deleted emails during Martin's time as Chief of Staff for former Missouri Governor Matt Blunt.

His campaign argues the $2 million includes the cost of investigators already on the state's payroll and was not an "extra" cost to taxpayers.

The campaign has also pointed out related lawsuits never implicated Martin in any wrongdoing.

Martin campaign ad, narrator:
"Koster took over $700,000 dollars seeking contracts from his office..."

Ed Martin is fighting back with his own black and white attack ads, but by distorting the facts says Koster's campaign.

While it concedes this number could represent the total amount attorneys have given to Koster's re-election effort, his campaign says safe guards championed by Koster make it impossible for the attorney general to know who is bidding for state contracts until after the bids are awarded.

Martin campaign ad, narrator:
"Chris Koster thinks the law is for you, not him; income tax liens, failure to pay property taxes..."

Calling the image of the house misleading, Koster's campaign says the A.G. was less than a month late for less than $200 on property taxes for a car.

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