By Dana Dean

St. Louis (KSDK) -- We have an update this morning to a story we first told you about in August. It was about a website that connects people to classrooms in need, called Donors Choose.

Right after our story aired about a local teacher utilizing the website, a surprising twist unfolded upstairs in our lobby.

The KSDK security guard called me and said someone was at the front door for me. I was shocked to see a person standing there with $2,000 in cash.

This person, who is remaining anonymous, was so touched by the Buder Elementary classroom featured in the story, he showed up to donate money to them.

The story was about how the classroom uses the charity website The site allows public school teachers to post materials on the website they need. Then, people can search on the site for a classroom they want to donate to.

The Buder Elementary teacher we featured posted $600 worth of school supplies she needed funded for her class. Thanks to that donor who showed up at our door, we're happy to report she got her supplies in the mail. The students are already putting them to use.

Jennifer Cole, Buder Elementary teacher, said, "After you guys came, the last time, we found out both of our projects had been funded. And they were both fully funded by an anonymous donor. One of them was for the kindergarten science exploration station and the other one was for a new carpet for our reading area."

As for the rest of the $1400, it was donated to Renfro Elementary School in Collinsville, Yeatman-Liddell Prep School in St. Louis, Carnahan High School in St. Louis, and Iveland Elementary School in St. Louis.

Renfro Elementary in Collinsville sent in a picture of the kids holding their new books and instruments. Again, it's all thanks to one person who walked into KSDK with $2,000.

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