David Jackson, USA TODAY

In one of its last acts, President Obama's re-election campaign has released a video of his talk with staffers after winning re-election.

"You're all going to do just amazing things in your lives," an emotional Obama told his aides, calling them the best campaign team in political history.

Obama also talks about moving to Chicago back in the 1980s, hoping to make a difference.

In e-mailing the video to volunteers, Obama campaign manager Jim Messina said the president "wasn't just talking to those of us in the office -- he was talking to all of you."

Messina also wrote: "We'll be in touch soon about how we can get started on some of the President's top priorities in his second term."

He added: "For now, I just want to say I am so proud of this team. And I can't wait to see where you take this incredible movement from here."

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