Republic, Mo (KSPR) - US Marshals in Missouri are searching for a man wanted for preying on a child.

"He befriended her which led to him molesting her," said U.S. Marshal Darren Lane.

Deputy Marshal Lane said Kennedy Alan Holmes convinced a girl just 14 years old to have sex with him at his apartment in Republic more than once.

"He said he thought the victim was 16-years of age which wouldn't make it any less of a crime," said Deputy Marshal Lane.

Prosecutors said when police questioned Holmes he finally admitted he was told she was just 14, nearly half his age. Lane said there's a reason that's illegal.

" They don't understand the consequences of their actions and moreover they don't understand how this is going to impact them for the rest of their lives," said Deputy Marshal Lane.

Authorities fear he could strike again.

"The research shows that those that victimize non-family members are more likely to repeat those types of crimes on other children as opposed to those who victimize family members," said Deputy Marshal Lane.

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