Jefferson County, MO (KSDK) - A nanny may have ripped off an Arnold family and is on the run. Police in Jefferson county don't have a lot to go on. The family found her on Craigslist and she only worked for them for about two weeks.

The LaRue family is complete with two working parents and two small children both under the age of five. The parents said they just needed some help with the kids during the day. So, they went to Craigslist and posted an ad, a decision they are now regretting.

"I am hurt because I learned to trust people growing up and this makes me not trust people," says Angela LaRue, the wife and mother of two.

She says she feels violated.

"This is the piggy bank that the money is in, and her's is actually on the top shelf," she says walking from one kid's room to the next and pointing out where the nanny found the money.

LaRue hired a nanny off of Craigslist and her name was Maria.

"She seemed too good to be true, she gave me references, she gave me where she went to school she was a college student, she told me she was a Marine," says LaRue.

"If it sounds too good to be true then chance are it probably is," says Captain Ralph Brown with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.

He says nowadays you have to be cautious and you never know who you are talking to on the other line.

LaRue says she did a background check and multiple phone interviews with Maria. It turns out she was a great nanny, even doing some laundry and cleaning around the house.

Everything seemed to be okay, until she and her husband found their change jar empty, their kids piggy banks empty and a gun missing from a dresser drawer.

Brown says all they have to go on is a first name and a cell phone number.

"We may get lucky on it or we may not, it could be a throw away phone," says Brown.

LaRue says since the discovery she's cried herself to sleep and can't forgive herself for the decision.

"I feel like the worst mother in the world, something could have happened to my children and, I don't know something could've happened to my children and I will never know," she says.

LaRue tells me she had all of the information about Maria including a last name in an email that now she can't find.

The sheriff's office doesn't have a single lead on this case, if you have any information on this please call local police.

Tips from Captain Brown on hiring someone:

Get a background check
Get references
Ask for a copy of an arrest record