St. Louis, MO (KSDK) - Wal-Mart has already come out and said this was their best Black Friday ever and the Mall of America says 30,000 people showed up for the mall's midnight opening which is 10,000 more people than last year.

Most stores have been packed all day even those that opened up Thanksgiving night, but we wanted to know what about the stores that didn't open up early? How did they fair?\

Apricot Lane,a women's boutique, is filled with ladies clothing, jewelry and loyal customers.

"They like the store, they love the product and they like all of my dresses and my tops," says Angie Nichols the owner of the boutique.

Nichols opened her doors just a few hours earlier Friday morning, but the place didn't start buzzing until around 11 that morning. Nichols is guessing that's when her shoppers got their second wind.

"I've been asking if they've been getting any good deals today and they are and some have been up, they said they were here out already at midnight and back out again," says Nichols.

Some of her shoppers may have been hitting the deals at Target.

The Ballwin location may look a little less stressful Friday night, but trust the manager Amanda Hill when she says it was all hustle and bustle Thursday night around the 9pm opening.

"Larger groups of people in here than we have ever seen, it took us a little bit longer to get in the door than we have in the past," says Hill.

She says, yes, the crowds were bigger and the demographics were different with more families and kids joining in on the Black Friday fun.

"When you open at midnight or 4 am, you have to get up or worry about the time that you have go to sleep and we definitely have the mass Black Friday shoppers the people who waited in line for the first 2.5 hours," says Hill.

It's still early but she's guessing the sales are about the same as last year's, or maybe a little better.

So opening at 9 o'clock Thursday night ended up being a good sales move, but did it affect places like Apricot Lane?

"We are not the midnight shopper for sure, no one is coming in at midnight," says a laughing Nichols.

Those in retail are hoping the past 24 hours say something about the next month. Both Nichols and Hill are expecting better sales for the next month compared to last year.