St. Louis (KSDK) -- The NHL has canceled another 96 games this hockey season. And so for the Blues and St. Louis, the lockout fallout continues.

Exactly two months ago,NewsChannel 5 took a trip to Johnny Mac's Sporting Goods in Sunset Hills to hang out with Burt Godin, the Blues head equipment manager who had taken on skate sharpeningat the storein the wake of what looked like a looming lockout.

Well, now,the leagueisknee deep in a labor dispute with 422 regular-season games canceled as of Friday, and you can add to that the Winter Classic and the All-Star Game. In all that's34% of the season.

"In 2004, we noticed a pretty significant decrease in sales and I expect the same this year," said Adam Burns, who is the store's COO.

Like many he is already talking about the possibility that this may be the second time in nine years that the entire hockey season is put on hold. And he says it hurts.

"Especially home games, people will come down and purchase items on their way, and so we won't see that, plus the Blues apparel is a big Christmas item for us and I don't expect that to be as strong this year," he explained.

He isn't the only one getting the cold shoulder.

"We anticipate coming from right into baseball season going into the hockey season - a nice even flow - and what we've seen is bust to not busy," said Jeff Gangloff, a server of six years at Joe Buck's Restaurant downtown. "

I would say I've been taking a hit about 50% off...You can hear other people, servers they're wanting to pick up shifts, no one wants to give up their shifts."

Gangloff is now contemplating a second serving job, while Johnny Mac's made Black Friday even better for Blues fans with some real deals. And with no bargaining sessions scheduled, Burt Godin will still be in the back rubbing elbows and blades with the rest of us.

As of right now, the Blues will be back on the iceat the Scottrade CenterDecember 15th, playing against the Blackhawks.