Ladue, MO (KSDK)

-A student at Ladue Middle School gained access to what's being described as an "inappropriate website" on a school computer, prompting a police investigation.

According to Sgt. Gregg Stork, a spokesman for the Ladue Police Department, the incident occurred November 29. The student got on the website during normal school hours. The district technology staff detected what was going on and notified school administrators.

The school contacted the student's parents and disciplined the child according to the school policy, and notified the school resource officer, who's also a member of the Ladue Police Department.

During the student's time on that site, he came into contact with a man in a video chat room, who performed a sex act on himself, after the child sent him a picture of their genitals.

Ladue School District spokesperson Susan Dielmannsaid following the incidenta meeting was scheduled for December 3 to review information about the incident and determine next steps, including how to notify parents of students. District officials did not know a police report had been filed and that the information was available to the media.

The district said it has website filters. The site the student was on was blocked and a related site has also been blocked. It also reminded staff about the importance of monitoring student use of computers.

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