ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - Don't be surprised to see more critters around your home now that the temperatures are falling.

Pest control experts say when it gets cold, mice start looking for food and warmth.

"She comes screaming bloody murder, 'What happened?' 'There's a mouse!' That's all it was. A dead mouse in the trap. No big deal," said homeowner Rob Knoll.

Knoll is describing his daughter's reaction after he nabbed one in a trap over the weekend.

Pest control experts say the best way to mouse-proof your house is to rake away the leaves right around your home. Mice often use them to stay warm before finding a way inside.

You can use steel wool to block holes where pipes and cables enter the house.

Home Depot in Chesterfield says this is the peak time of year for sales of mouse traps and poison, and for questions about keeping mice away.

"The first question is 'How can I do it with the least amount of mess?' And what I recommend for that is a trap where the mouse goes in and you don't see but you know it's in there and you can toss it and throw it away," said Eric Musial from Home Depot.

Exterminators also recommend checking your garage door to see if mice can get in when it's closed.

Also consider setting bait traps with poison around the perimeter of the house, but remember to keep those traps out of the reach of children and pets.

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