Creve Coeur, Mo (KSDK)--Does it matter who keeps your roads clean?

MODOT officials say 400 groups in the St. Louis metro area, and 3700 groups in the state of Missouri take part in their Adopt-a-Highway program, cleaning 5,000 miles of roadway.

For their work, MODOT posts signs, advertising the name of the group responsible.

Some are a little more unusual than others.

Soon, a stretch of Olive Road near Lindbergh will be maintained by a group known as the St. Louis 9-11 Questions Meet-Up Group.

Donald Stahl believes World Trade Center Twin Towers did not crumble strictly as a result of being hit by airplanes hijacked by terrorists.

"I believe there were explosions," said Stahl. "I have pictures of them. Anyone can go on line and see those pictures, see those videos, hear those audio recordings."

Asked why his group wants to participate in the program, Stahl said, "Like all the other groups that do it we like the free publicity."

Their signs are scheduled to go up next month.

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