By Tracy Clemons

GRANITE CITY, Ill. (KSDK) - Some Granite City High School students went home early Monday after word of a threat circulated through the district.

Schools superintendent Dr. Harry Briggs says a parent called in a tip shortly after classes started, which prompted the school to bring police in to secure the school.

The school sent out an automated call to parents letting them know that the school was secured and that the police were investigating the tip.

Many parents stood in a line outside the main entrance to pick their children up early, but we are told there was never a threat.

"We understand that emotions are high among parents, particularly with their students at this point in time," said Dr. Briggs. "We are very aware of that. So we did allow parents to come to school and pick up their children if they desired. But it was not, and I repeat, it was not an issue where we told the parents to come to school and pick up their children."

In fact, Granite City police say this was a misunderstanding.

According to Assistant Police Chief Jeff Connor, someone overheard a conversation between two brothers 10 days ago about one getting a gun, which turned out to be a BB gun.

But with theimages of Newtown, Connecticut fresh on everyone's mind, nobody wanted to take any chances.

"All I can tell you is we never received a threat. I understand the concern, in light of what happened in Connecticut, I understand that. I don't question any concern at all," Connor said. "And we took it as a point where we wanted to investigate it. But I can tell you it was unfounded. There was never a threat. Nobody was ever in jeopardy. There was never any communication with the school in the comment. It was just two brothers where one told the other how he got a gun and we found the gun. It was a BB gun and he was in bed sick today."

He says this shouldn't discourage anyone from calling authorities if they hear anything that could be considered a threat.

Nobody was taken into custody. Connor says there was absolutely nothing criminal in this matter.

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