By Dana Dean

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KSDK) - Video shows how easy it was for one person to swipe a package right from someone's front porch.

Thursday will be the busiest delivery day of the year for UPS. And if you're not home to pick up your package, you should be aware of the potential consequences.

As Dana Dean reports, surveillance video sent to NewsChannel 5 Monday by a neighborhood watch group in the Shaw neighborhood shows one such incident of package theft. In that video, someone stops a car, gets out, runs up on a porch and grabs a big box. The person disappears from the video for a few seconds and then you see the car leave.

The neighborhood watch group says there have been several thefts just like the one you see in this video.
What do you do to keep this from happening to you?

Ask for a delivery that requires a signature. You'll also want to make sure you have an online tracking number so you'll know exactly when to expect your package. That way you'll know if it is missing right away. And under delivery instructions, you can ask for the package to be left at a side door or a back door.

Or if you want to be really secure, have the packaged dropped off to your neighbor or delivered to your work.

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