CLAYTON, Mo.(KSDK) - A north St. Louis County man who is out of jail awaiting trial, and will be arraigned Wednesday afternoon for allegedly stealing money from his four-year-old nephew's piggy bank last summer.

Baron Calmese Jr. of the Village of Riverview is charged in St. Louis County with one count of felony stealing after police say he took more than $500 from the child's bank to buyprostitutes and drugs.

Police reports say Calmese, 30,originally asked his sister, the mother of the little boy, if he could borrow some change. Calmese was given permission to take $2 from the child's bank.

Police say Calmese took the $2 and the rest of what he could get out of the youngster's bank before leaving the home.

Calmese was originally jailed on bond, but was released on his own recognizance over the objection of prosecutors.

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