BELLEVILLE, Ill. (KSDK) - The Belleville police chief is telling his officers not to go to Denny's unless they are responding to an emergency.

The order comes after a group of detectives was asked to leave the restaurant because one of their weapons was making a customer uncomfortable.

Police say the five on-duty detectives with visible badges were eating at the restaurant on South Illinois Street Tuesday when the manager asked one of the detectives to either put her gun in the car or leave.

The detectives chose to leave.

"As they were leaving another manager came out, the area general manager came out, and said they're police officers, it's okay. But at that point they decided they'd been harassed enough, they'd been embarrassed more than enough and they just needed to go, they didn't want to cause any more of a scene so they exited the restaurant," said Capt. Don Sax.

Denny's released the following statement to NewsChannel 5:
"In response to concern raised by our guests about an individual with a firearm, our manager approached the individual and communicated that Denny's policy does not permit firearms in the restaurant. Upon further discussion, we became aware the individual was a plain-clothed police officer. Denny's policy permits law enforcement officials to carry their firearms in the restaurant and we regret any misunderstanding."

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