ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KSDK) - As St. Louisans vow to dial back or outright quit their alcohol consumption as part of a new year's resolution, a list by The Daily Beast indicates alleged drunkenness may be down in the Gateway City.

The Daily Beast published a list of the'25 Drunkest Cities of 2012,' ranking metropolitan areas by the average number of alcoholic beverages consumed by adults per month, as well percentages of the population classified as "binge drinkers" and "heavy drinkers." The news site utilized data from a national market researcher as well as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in creating the list.

St. Louis, Missouri is one six Midwestern cities appearing on the list. Milwaukee, Wisconsin ranks third on the list. Chicago placed eighth.

St. Louis ranks 23rd, with 6.1 percent of the population classified as heavy drinks and 18 percent classified as binge drinkers. Adults consume an average of 13.4 alcoholic drinks each month.

Boston, Massachusetts nabbed the top spot on the list. Approximately 20 percent of its population is considered binge drinkers.

Rounding out the top on the list are Norfolk, Virginia; Milwaukee; Charleston, South Carolina; and Austin, Texas.

This ranking for St. Louis is lower than in recent years. Last year, The Daily Beast rated St. Louis the eighth drunkest city in the nation. In 2010, Men's Health Magazine ranked St. Louis sixth.

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