ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - Synthetic drugs like bath salts have been a problem in the region, and now investigators are telling us about the latest drug to appear.

It is called "N-Bomb" or legal acid and it has been purchased undercover in the metro area by St. Louis County drug detectives.

"N-Bomb," named for its chemical name 2C-I-NBOMe or 25INBOMe, is a new, very potent synthetic hallucinogen that is killing users around the country.

There have been deaths in California, Louisiana, Minnesota, North Dakota and Virginia. Only Virginia and Louisiana have banned the substance as of November 2012.

The new hallucinogen drug is known as "N-Bomb", which is also referred to as "Legal Acid" or "25I", is a derivative of mescaline, but is much more potent and deadly than similar predecessors. N-Bomb is a liquid that most commonly is soaked into blotter paper, which users put on their tongue. It can also be ingested in liquid form or by mere contact.

The Drug Enforcement Administration says effects include hallucination, psychiatric episodes, cardiac arrest, and liver and kidney failure.

The Drug Enforcement Administration says they are taking emergency action to make sure the chemicals in "N-Bomb" become illegal.

NewsChannel5's Talia Kaplan spoke with a Chesterfield mother who says the drug almost killed her daughter. Click the video above to watch the story.

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