North St. Louis (KSDK) - Police say a man flourishing a gun and threatening a group of people in the 4800 block of Dr. Martin Luther King Drive overnight, had the tables turned on him by one of the people he was threatening.

Just after midnight, the unidentified 48 year old man began waving a gun and yelling at the group of people and fired a shot. One of the men in the group being harassed, produced his own gun and fired at the man, striking him once in the upper portion of the arm.

The man who was shot ran a block to the 4700 block of Newcomb Place where he called police for help. Police arrived and transported the man, only to later arrest him for the incident on Dr. King Drive.

Authorities say the man in the group who opened fire on his tormenter, had a valid Conceal and Carry permit and was not detained by police.

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