By Heidi Glaus

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - His name doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, but his work rolls onto your television screen daily.

"I've made more graphics than I can count and it's not because I can't count very high, it's because I've made a lot of graphics," Rich Witzofsky, a graphic artist at KSDK points out.

Since he started at KSDK in 1998 a few things have changed.

"For years when I first did it, I would always sketch something out," Witzofsky explains.

Occasionally he still starts with a sketch on paper, but most of the time it's all done on a computer.

"This basically becomes my pen," Witzofsky says holding up

And with the help of a couple of computer programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, Cinema 4D and After Effects, the sky's the limit.

"This is really involved because you have to make a 3D character first. From there you give him bones, almost like a human body," Witzofsky demonstrates.

And anchors and reporters are fair game.

"One of my favorite spots I ever made was the NewsChannel 5 sports one when they're in a video game," Witzofsky says.

His favorites are most likely different from mine and yours because he knows exactly how much time is put into each movement.

"To challenge myself I even made a Shrek, a 3D Shrek. It took me days to make the Shrek and to get hair on it and the animation on it lasted like two seconds," Witzofsky explains.

Most things he has to crank out much faster.

"If I have three or four hours to work on something that's a long time," he adds.

And what you see on TV is only a fraction of what he does. He made a company Christmas card for the sales department, designed the wrap for our news vehicles, draws up logos and even does magazine and newspaper ads.

"There's always a next thing," Witzofsky says.

Which means he might be the busiest guy in the building, he's certainly one of the most talented.

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