By Anne Allred

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KSDK) - Cynthia Brasseur got a letter this week stating her personal information was compromised during a security breach at Washington University School of Medicine. Her birth date and medical information were stolen when a surgeon's laptop was taken.

The university is providingfree credit monitoring service for one year, but security experts say Brasseur should also contact the three major credit bureaus and ask for a freeze on her information. This extra layer of protection will ensure Brasseur is doing all she can.

In addition, Thomas Nitzsche a spokesman for Clearpoint Credit Counseling Solutions, says you should never give out your birth date. And if you do have your birthday listed somewhere public-like Facebook, for instance-don't put the year you were born.

Also, tear up all your mail, including junk mail.

"If somebody surfs through that information and they see your address and your name, that can be enough to start the ball rolling," Nitzsche said.

As far as giving out your email and banking or paying bills online, Nitzsche said that's safe because the information is encrypted.

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