By Ashley Yarchin

CHESTERFIELD, Mo. (KSDK) - Fighting the flu is tough on everyone, and so now a Chesterfield nursing home is taking extreme precautions to protect its residents.

At Delmar Gardens, you can't miss the sign posted on the sliding glass doors at the entrance to the facility. It warns the family and friends of residents to curtail visits for the time being.

Now, it's not that the facility has had an unusual amount of folks getting sick, but during this season it happens, and they say this is among the ways they keep the germs out.

But if someone inside does get sick?

"We might have the person stay in their room for a few days while they're having symptoms," explained Pam Shipman, RN, who is the VP of operations. "We might curtain some activities. We might just have people stay on the particular units that they reside in as opposed to being out in the general community."

Shipman added that she attributes this mild flu season at Delmar Gardens to all the precautions taken, including making sure everyone gets a flu shot.

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