By Talia Kaplan

CASEYVILLE, Ill. (KSDK) - The search is on for burglars who plowed through the garage door of a Caseyville home during a bizarre getaway.

It happened in the 500 block of East O'Fallon Drive around 11 a.m. Thursday.

Kent Luebbers and his live-in girlfriend Susan Loyet came home to find their garage door all over their driveway after getting an alarming call from their neighbor.

Police say burglars broke into the garage from a window, opened the garage door, drove their SUV into the garage, shut the door, and then loaded the car with stolen items.

Authorities say the burglars took two flat screen televisions, two laptops, a credit card, and a gun before plowing through the garage door as they were leaving.

"This is a strange situation especially with the damage to the home," said Caseyville Police Chief JD Roth.

"We were just amazed that they would actually drive through the garage door instead of just pushing the button," said Loyet.

"These guys nowadays they just have no fear. They don't care what they do," said Luebbers.

Police are now looking for a black SUV with broken tail lights, possible a Dodge Durango. Anyone with information should call the Caseyville Police Department at 618 344 2151.

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