By Anne Allred

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - There is a strange defense tactic some St. Louisans are trying and you can find it right in your home: wasp spray.

Joy Grdnic-Christensen owns The Fountain on Locust and has armed all her employees with it. She says it shoots farther than mace and makes her feel safe.

"Having a gun makes you have to have all sorts of other responsibilities," said Grdnic-Christensen.

South County resident Carol Dickinson hasn't left home without a can for the last month. Her friend sent her an email about it.

"I keep a can of wasp spray in my car in the console where the cup holder is, in case there was a carjacking or someone tried to shoot or burglarize me," she said.

The St. Louis County Police Department says it had not heard of this idea and says it's better to use items for their intended purpose. It also says right on the can it is a violation of Federal law to use the product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling but Grdnic-Christensen and Dickinson say they'll keep their cans around just in case.

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