CALHOUN COUNTY, ILL. (KSDK) - A family is trying to recover from the shock of what appears to be a random a home invasion.

Authorities say a man broke into a Calhoun County home with two teenagers inside and started ransacking the house causing thousands of dollars in damage.

Calhoun County Sheriff Bill Heffington says it started with a car crash in Hardin, ILthat knocked out an electrical pole and did damaged to private property.

While deputies were investigating and looking for the driver of the car, they got a call for a break-in at a home about a mile and a half away outside of Hardin. Turns out, the sheriff says, the same man was responsible for both incidents.

Heffingtonsays when the man broke into the home two teens were home alone. Heffington says the twotried to hide while they called the father of one of the teens who lives at the home.The father wason his wayhome from work and close by.

Thesheriff says he got intoconfronted the intruderas deputies arrived andarrested him.

"I think apparently he thought somebody's friend was there but it ended up being like a nightmare," says Heffington describing the father's reaction. "And I know the wife is pretty scared to death about the situation."

Heffington says the suspect was wanted on at least two warrants out of other counties and appeared to be under the influence of alcohol or some other substance during the alleged crime spree. The man is in jail without bond, awaiting charges which are expected Tuesday.

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