By Cindy Preszler

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - Severe weather doesn't seem to have a specific season anymore; tornadoes are possible at any time of the year and being prepared has become a round the clock vigil. That's why it's so important to know exactly what to do and when.

When a tornado warning is issued for your area, what do you do?

Go to the lowest interior room of your home. If you do not have a basement, an interior bathroom or closet is good. There should be no windows or outside walls or doors. But a basement is the best location.

On your way down, grab a large pillow or cushion to shield yourself from debris. A centrally located bathroom with no windows or outside walls works well. I have my cell phone in place and another NOAA weather radio already turned on. Your severe weather safety kit should already be in your safe place.

The kit should include a helmet to shield your head, gloves in case you have to dig out, an extra pair of shoes so you don't step on glass or nails, and a flashlight with extra batteries.

If you have pets it is very important to place a pet taxi or carrier in your safe place. If you have a dog, keep an extra leash, that way, everyone is safe and sound.

But what if you live in a mobile home? Things are very different in this case since mobile homes do not offer adequate shelter from strong winds. You need to know well ahead of time that severe weather is possible in the next couple of hours.

Make sure you are out of your mobile home and in a safe location before warnings are issued for your area.

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