By Sharon Stevens, Education Reporter

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - Head Start officials say if across the board budget cuts go into effect, then education programs could be in trouble.

Unless Congress acts, $85 billion in cuts known as "the sequester" will automatically kick in March 1. Congress is on break until next week. Senate Democrats are pushing a plan to offset any sequester. But so far, Republicans aren't buying.

Meanwhile, programs like Head Start are unsure about what's next.

The Overland Head Start program is one of the largest operated by the YWCA of St. Louis. More than 3,100 students, ages ranging from infancy to five-years-old, are part of the program, which was founded in 1965.

St. Louis Head Start CEO Adrian Bracy said the local program receives 85 percent of its funding from the federal government.

Officials are watching to see what Congress will do. They are concerned, but not in panic mode. Parents, especially working parents, are also hoping that the program will remain in place.

In a statement regarding sequestration, Missouri Republican Congresswoman Ann Wagner said, "House Republicans have already passed two bills to avert the Obama sequester and the Democratic-led Senate has failed to act altogether. Instead of trying to blame others, it's past time the president put partisan rhetoric aside and lead the American people."

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