By Ashley Yarchin

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - Many of us know the name Garrison Keillor from National Public Radio's 'A Prairie Home Companion,' but he also hosts 'The Writer's Almanac.' St. Louis listeners don't get it, but those in over 300 markets will hear a little something from St. Louis Wednesday morning.

"Here's a poem for today, a poem by George Bilgere entitled, 'Musial,'" it begins.

Stan Musial's grandson, Brian Schwarze, hadn't heard about it until NewsChannel 5 told him. He tuned in to 'The Writer's Almanac' online at our request for a sneak peak of what will play over radios and computers across the country.

"Well, for one thing, I love the guy's voice," Schwarze said.

As a memorial to Stan the Man, Keillor will read the poem written last year by St. Louis native, 61-year-old George Bilgere, who is now an English professor in Cleveland, Ohio. Growing up, his father owned Bilgere Chevrolet on North Grand, across from Sportsman's Park.

"Now and then, the players themselves would come over to the showroom and my dad sold cars to some of the Cardinal players. Now, whether he actually sold a car to Stan Musial is sort of part of my father's family legend," he explained. "And that's what the poem is about, not only about the day Musial walked into the showroom but about my father's own life; and I guess in a lot of ways, the poem is about innocence and experience."

"I always love hearing every single story and everyone has been touched by him and I can never say that enough," Schwarze said.

"He did not need to promote himself," Bilgere added. "He let his bat do his talking for him., and I hope that comes across in the poem - a kind of regular guy with an unearthly other-worldly talent who sort of moved among us and in through his own example ennobled us."

Visit the Writers Almanac online to listen to the poem.

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