Jupiter, Florida (KSDK Sports) -- It seems every few years the Cardinals need to try an experiment of some kind. The last two, including this latest one, involves moving a player to the second base position.

In 2009, it was Tony La Russa, who, with a surplus of outfielders, decided to give Skip Schumaker a try at second base. The moved worked in that Schumaker did become a second baseman, but persistent injuries never really gave him a shot to own it.

Now in 2013, the Cardinals are at it again, this time the move centers on Matt Carpenter. Carpenter is a third baseman by trade, but with the corner currently occupied by David Freese, once again the Cardinals are looking a fill a defensive position in order to keep a bat in the everyday line up.

This Spring Training, Carpenter is taking to the practice fields and working with third base coach Jose Oquendo. Click the video link aboveto see Carpenter give us a touraround hisnew home in the infield.