By Brittany Ludwig

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - With awinter storm on the way it is important to be prepared.

Batteries Plus has released several helpful tips to follow when purchasing batteries and dealing with power outages.

In an event of a power outage, the following items are important to have on hand:
- Two flashlights that run on AA or AAA alkaline batteries or a supply of alkaline batteries,
- Alkaline batteries typically have a shelf of life of 8-10 years
- A lantern-style flashlight or a larger flashlight using two or three D-size batteries to give off more light and for a longer period of time
- Manual or battery powered can opener
- A watch with a working battery
- A battery-powered weather radio and/or transistor radio

Other helpful items to have on hand include: UPS backup system attached to the home computer, power inverter which enables consumers to power their TV or other electronic items from their car if necessary. However, do not run the car or any gasoline generator in the garage as the carbon monoxide poisoning could prove fatal, cell phone charger that can plug into a car, so communication remains possible without electricity, and working batteries in smoke detectors and emergency exit signs.