ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - The Saint Louis Zoo participated in the "Thermostat Challenge" Wednesday in an effort to raise awareness of how daily actions impact polar bear's sea ice habitat.

The zoo will drop its thermostat setting by two degrees in the administrative offices for the day.

Over the past several years scientists have documented a reduction in the bear's Arctic sea ice habitat due to rising temperatures.

"While the bears' situation is troubling, observing Polar Bear Day is a great opportunity to harness the love we all have for these animals and to come together to make a big difference for the bears," says Louise Bradshaw, Director of Education. "By being cooler on Feb. 27, we are doing our part as communities in St. Louis and around the world to help solve this global problem."

In addition to the temperature drop, the Saint Louis Zoo hosted several educational activities and collected cell phones and small electronics for recycling. Permanent collection points for the small electronics are located at welcome desks at both zoo entrances.