By Heidi Glaus

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - It is a sight to see not the image, but rather the sheer size of the video board that typically hangs above center ice.

A monster of a scoreboard that requires a few extra steps to put just how big this thing is into perspective.

"So the board is about 30 feet tall. It's about 25 feet wide about 120 feet in diameter. It weighs 22,000 pounds," explains Chris Frome, Director of Event Presentation for the St. Louis Blues and Scottrade Center.

Panels protect the guts of the board, but the puck flips onto these screens thanks to the hands of the crew sitting behind those windows way up there.

"Here's our video control center, the nerve center of all the displays," Frome points out after an elevator ride and a long walk through the hall.

It's where the camera under the video board is controlled which can spin 360 degrees and pinpoint any particular fan.

"This is kind of like our hidden camera," Frome jokes.

It's just one of several cameras they can choose from during a game.

"We get the TV feed and all eight of their cameras. We also have three in-house cameras," Frome explains.

"Over here is our replay operator," Frome points out.

And practically everything else is controlled by a big board with countless buttons.

"It's pretty hectic on game night," Frome says.

It's also much more crowded, however Chris and Andrew are busy even when the Blues aren't in town.

"85, 90 percent of everything you see on the video board is all produced in here," explains Andrew Abrams, an editor and director.

"When I'm done with a season there's hundreds of videos that I've done," he adds.

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