ST. LOUIS(KSDK) - I hate car rental fees.

If the price of flying wasn't expensive enough, you can easily spend more than that cost of your flight on a car rental of five days or more.

To make matters worse, all the coupons the airlines send you for Hertz and Avis are actually sometimes the most expensive rates out there. Not cool.

To make matters more confusing, car rental companies advertise all these incredible rates that no one ever seems to be able to lock in with their travel dates or destination.

In my continued search to bring you the best sites and deals every day, today I present one simple way to lock in the lowest price.

I wish that, like on most of the deals I find, I could find you a coupon code for 80% off. That just doesn't exist with car rentals, but I do have three things to pass along. paired with an coupon code will find you the lowest price with rates starting at $8.95, searching the seven least expensive car rental vendors. I also like the "Name your own price" service through Priceline. Below, you'll find everything you need to keep your costs as low as possible.

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Cheapest Rates Compared Side-By-Side:

Up to 40% off + car rentals from $8.95 a day at 7 major car vendors

Name Your Own Price

Up to 20% off your next truck rental

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