By Grant Bissell

ST. CHARLES, Mo. (KSDK) - Catholics around the world are celebrating the election of Pope Francis. But a St. Charles family feels a special connection to the new Holy Father.

"For me [his election] was a surprise. It was a really good surprise of course," said Stella Aberastury.

She and her husband, Hector, came to the United States from Argentina in 1995. Five years later they opened a restaurant in St. Peters called Tango.

The Aberasturys are proud to live in Missouri. But on Wednesday, the Argentine flag was flying in front of their home.

"When they said the name, for me it's exciting because I never imagined this is an election for a pope from Argentina," said Hector Aberastury.

Hector was at home watching Argentinean TV when he saw Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio had been chosen the next pope. He immediately called Stella to tell her the news.

"When he told me I was almost crying," said Stella.

The Aberasturys say Argentina is famous for its superstar athletes like Lionel Messi and Manu Ginobili.

But now it'll also be known for turning out the first pope from the Americas. He's a pope for whom many have high hopes.

"He knows what are the problems in South America, Latin America, and North America. He knows he can help so many people," said Hector.

"I wish that he could change the world," added Stella.

The Aberasturys became American citizens in February. But they say the news of Pope Francis' election makes them feel like they're back home.

"It's beautiful," said Hector.

"And actually we feel like we're more close to our country," said Stella. "God bless Argentina because the pope is Argentina."

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