By Mike Bush

ROME (KSDK) - Our very own Mike Bush was in Rome Thursday for Pope Francis' first full day.

Mike spent time with seminarians from St. Louis and got their thoughts now that they've had time to reflect on the new pope.

Barely 12 hours after his election, Pope Francis quietly slipped out of the Vatican on Thursday to pray for guidance at one of Rome's great basilicas.

In St. Peters Square it looked like any other day, quite a contrast to the massive crowd from the night before.

There is nothing like it in the world; faith and festivity wrapped all in one.

When Pope Francis first emerged Wednesday night he was greeted by an audible gasp, and then thunderous cheers and applause.

Now that they've had some time to reflect, two seminarians from St. Louis were glad that they had a front row to history.

"There was kind of a moment of silence where the crowd was looking at him wondering what he was going to say and he was looking at us wondering the same thing and it was a very powerful moment thinking ok, this is the man, this is the Vicar of Christ here on earth," said Zac Povis.

"It's amazing. There's so much joy in Rome right now to have a bishop to have a Holy Father to lead the church as we move forward," said Deacon Chris Seiler.

World leaders will descend on Rome next week when Pope Francis will be formally installed as the church's new leader on Tuesday.

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