By Mike Rush

St. Louis (KSDK) - Disgusting, terrible, a dump. They're hardly the words you'd expect to hear about an iconic landmark.

But customers of the Millennium Hotel in downtown St. Louis are sounding off about the conditions and they took pictures to prove it.

Dust caked air conditioner vents, cracked tiles, frayed carpet, missing light covers, and door knobs. Those are some of the problems Taylor Wilson captured in pictures he took over the weekend while he visited from Omaha.

"I've never experienced a hotel that was so, not just filthy, but also dilapidated," said Wilson Thursday.

Wilson was in St. Louis with his daughter and her volleyball team, who was competing in a regional qualifier. Between teammates, parents and coaches, it was a group of about 30 people who describe the Millennium as unbelievably dirty.

"In the bathroom, there was visible mold on the tile," said Wilson. "Visible fingerprints on the bathroom door."

Online reviews are equally unkind. There were a few favorable reviews, one from another volleyball team attending the same qualifiers.

But most were negative with titles like "I think I need a tetanus shot," "Buyer's remorse," and "Run far away from this hotel."

The criticism of one of downtown's biggest hotels comes as we learn of a major renovation. TheSt. Louis Business Journal reports the hotel has temporarily closed hundreds of rooms, with 600 of the 780 affected by the renovation due to start this spring.

Wilson's group stayed in the smaller tower, but these customers who stayed in the taller tower were pleased.

"Yeah, it looked nice in there, even the lobby was nice. I was like I've never been here before you know, I had a good time," said Genesis Campbell.

"I liked the room. It was real clean to me," added Monisha Jackson.

Meanwhile Wilson's group has been in touch with management.

"We're all hopeful that they're going to do the right thing and at the very least reimburse us," said Wilson.

Wilson says about one-third of the people in his group have gotten sick. He can't say if the hotel stay had anything to do with it, but he wonders.

The Millennium told me they have no comment.