ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. (KSDK) - State officials have shut down a childcare center in St. Charles County.

One parent found out her child's school wasn't actually a school.

The state requires schools to meet certain requirements. They have to have a regular curriculum, qualified teachers, an enrolled student body, and a place where education activities are regularly carried out.

The state says none of that was happening at Castle Rock Academy.

To check to see if your child's daycare is licensed, visit the Department of Health and Senior Services' Child Care Search page.

When asked for a statement, the Castle Rock Board of Directors sent the following to NewsChannel 5's Farrah Fazal:

"A disgruntled parent called the state and complained that we were without power in part of our building. This was true we were without power in part of the building that did not have any children in it except at the entry lobby which we provided a stand up lamp. The meter socket had to be replaced and it was done promptly as possible. Power was actually all back on and working fine when the state showed up. The second complaint was by an ex staff member who was denied a promotion to another more qualified candidate. In retaliation, she called the state and told them that we were really not a Montessori School and that we were really just a daycare. This launched an investigation. By state law when an accusation is made, regardless of the truth, an investigation must be done, lots of documentation must be provided in less than 10 days which we could not make a deadline due to mailing time lines. By state law the state requires we drop to 4 children until everything is complete and approved up to be up & running again. Because of the current gossip, threats, and your news broadcast, we have decided NOT to reopen as it would be impossible to recover from bad publicity. No business, no income. Everything must be surrendered to our landlord and state agencies. We are a non for profit corporation Castle Rock Montessori Inc. Kristina was only an officer and Julie was only the bookkeeper. They were not owners and did all they could on their part to avoid all this. We thank everyone who continued to support us all the way through this, we apologize to all our costumers [sic]and staff and any payments to anyone will be paid as allowable by law and our ability. Govt. Control cost jobs today. The children received the best care and education. Their lead teacher had a Masters degree in Education and Montessori certified. All the aides and support staff were educated and experienced."

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