By Talia Kaplan

MARYLAND HEIGHTS, Mo. (KSDK) - A Pattonville High School and University of Missouri-St. Louis graduate survived a 60 foot fall.

Lindsey Dumm, 26, slipped on a narrow staircase during a festival in Valencia, Spain. Luke Dumm, Lindsey's brother, says the accident happened on Sunday and his family was in the dark for two days wondering if she was going to survive.

Luke says he had many sleepless nights but the overwhelming support from the St. Louis community is helping him get by.

"She fell six stories when I heard six stories I was like how could she be alive," said Dumm. He has been worried about his younger sister Lindsey since Sunday. She is in critical but stable condition right now in a hospital thousands of miles away.

The 26-year-old has been living in Madrid for the past five months working as an au pair, teaching English.

"This has definitely been a dream of hers. She has been talking about it ever since she got out of college. She is a free spirit, very independent," said Dumm.

He says Lindsey was in Valencia over the weekend for a festival.

"It was Sunday afternoon. They went to six or seven different parades in Valencia and when they got back to the hostel they were going up the stairwell which is a circular stairwell they got to about the sixth floor and the railings around the stairwell are really low and she fell over them," said Dumm.

His parents immediately boarded a flight to Spain. When they arrived, they found out Lindsey was in a medically induced coma with a fractured pelvis, a cracked rib, and possible head trauma.

"The doctors and nurses in Valencia are all calling her their miracle baby. The fall they are saying in general was a miracle. It's not normal for someone to be able to live from a fall like that," said Dumm.

It's something he attributes to the power of prayer. He said he received more than 300 messages on Facebook, most of them from people he doesn't even know, from people offering their support.

"It has been amazing to see some of these people just go out of their way in their busy lives just to reach out and me and my family really appreciate it and I just want to thank them," said Dumm.

He says he just found out doctors are trying to get Lindsey out of her medically induced coma within the next few days. His parents are planning to be with Lindsey in Spain until doctors say it is okay for her to fly back to St Louis. Right now there is no time table in terms of recovery.

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