By Tracy Clemons

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - More Schnucks shoppers are coming forward as potential victims of credit and debit card fraud. We learned late Friday afternoon that the Missouri Attorney General's Office is involved.

A spokesperson tells NewsChannel 5they are aware of what's happening with Schnucks and they're looking into it.

The Maryland Heights Police Department, which is where Schnucks is based, has reached out to the St. Louis field office of the Secret Service. However, the Secret Service is not investigating the matterat this point.

Schnucks has not said how many credit and debit cards have been compromised. They also haven't been able to tell us when it started, how it began, or if the matter has been resolved.

NewsChannel 5contacteda spokesperson at the Secret Service who said this type of electronic breach is not regular but it happens.

"When it's a downstream scenario, as a public there's really not much you can do because your information is fed," said Kris Schmidt with the Secret Service. "There really isn't anything you've done wrong. But what you can do is be very proactive. Check your accounts on a regular basis-debit accounts, credit accounts-check those on a regular basis."

NewsChannel 5 also talked to several banks Friday that say they deal with this type of thing every day, but they are on the lookout for customers who may be victims of this Schnucks breach.

"We haven't gotten very many calls from our customers because typically speaking, 99 times out of 100, we discover any attempted fraud because our customers do," said commerce Bank Director of Consumer Card Products Carl Bradbury. "And in this case, we discovered it first before we started getting any calls from our customers."

The Missouri Attorney General's Office saidit hasspoken with representatives of Schnucks Markets, they're being very cooperative, and they are working together to determine what steps, if any, should be taken on behalf of consumers.

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