ST. CHARLES, Mo. (KSDK) - They agreed to be test patients for new drugs, but the company they signed contracts with has closed its doors, owing thousands of dollars to hundreds of people.

The PRACS Institute is a facility where a lot of people have spent a lot of time getting poke and prodded in the name of helping drugs get FDA approval in exchange for a paycheck.

But when they came to collect this week, all they saw was a sign saying "closed."

Rashelle Gibson is working her way through college and like hundreds of others, over the past few years she's made money here at the PRACS Institute - serving as a test patient for new drugs needing FDA approval.

Rashelle says the risks are worth it when money's tight. A few weeks in a study can earn her more than a thousand dollars. At least it used to.

This Wednesday, when she hand dozens more showed up at the St. Charles office to collect their checks they were told computer trouble was causing delays and the checks would be ready by Friday. But when Friday came, they found the office closed.

"I just really want to be paid for what I was owed. That's it," says Gibson. "That's all we want...we deserve it."

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