By Sharon Stevens

ST. LOUIS COUNTY (KSDK) - The defense is re-filing the case of Ellisville Mayor Adam Paul who's scheduled for an impeachment trial on Monday.

A judge rejected Paul's petition to halt the proceedings earlier Friday.

This is a holiday weekend, and with the trial set for Monday, the defense had to move quickly if it wanted the case to be reheard.

Paul's attorneys hope that the appellate court will rule in his favor. He denies allegations that he used profanity or drank alcohol on the job.

His defense team says some council members are running a smear campaign to get him out of office.

John Maupin represents the City of Ellisville.

"There's a nine page list of problems that the city believes have existed with Mayor Paul. If any of these are proved or rise to the level of what I'd term an impeachable offense, then the council will vote yea or nay to remove him from office," said Maupin.

Chet Pleban is Paul's attorney.

"I'm not afraid of going to trial with this, but I just want to go to trial with a situation where I have an objective tryer of fact or jury," said Pleban.

The appellate court's ruling, the impeachment trial will take place Monday at 6 p.m. at Ellisville Elementary School.

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