GRANITE CITY, Ill. (KSDK) - A local band recently received top honor at a New York City competition.

The Granite City High School Band received a Superior Gold Rating, which is first place in their class, at the WorldStrides Heritage Performance Program's National Concert Band Competition held last weekend.

The GCHS band received the highest score out of the entire festival and was invited to perform in the WorldStrides Heritage Performance Program's Festival of Gold at Chicago's Orchestra Hall next year.

"The kids worked so hard all year long. There is just so much hard work and determination that goes into something like this between earning the money to go on the trip and then being able to perform the music tons and tons of practice that goes into it. They all worked so hard all year and we couldn't be more proud of them," said Wyatt Roberds, band director.

The students had to raise $1,275 each to go on the trip which meant months of fundraising. Not everyone could reach the goal and only 63 out of the 115 band members got to go to New York.

The band needs help raising money for the trip and for uniforms. Each student needs to raise $600 in order to go to next year's performance.

To donate, visit theuniform donation page on the Granite City High School band's website. Click on "Donate online via Paypal." To donate for uniforms, simply fill out the form and submit your donation. If you would like to donate to help fund the trip, write "Money to help pay for the trip" on the memo line.

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