By Alex Fees

SULLIVAN, Mo. (KSDK) - It was on his bucket list. Mickey Dildine, of Sullivan, wanted to go to the Masters Golf Tournament this weekend in Augusta, Ga. with some of his buddies.

"Last May we found a package for the Masters, which of course is this week, on Craigslist. You could buy four badges, get some accommodations, basically spend a couple days at the Masters on a Wednesday and Thursday," said Dildine.

He said the broker has an apparent partnership with a couple of professional organizations which made him appear legitimate.

"He contacted me, I bought the four badges, I wired him the money," said Dildine. "At that time it was $2,000."

Dildine said the broker offered him two more badges and a place in the St. Louis Blues Alumni Golf Tournament if he purchased the package that day.

So he did.

"He didn't make good on the Blues tournament, which made me a little nervous at the time," said Dildine. "He did make good on the Kurt Warner Tournament First Things First Foundation Tournament. I asked him if he could get me in it. He did, got me a free foursome in it. So I spent the day with Kurt Warner, one of the most memorable things we probably have done."

For Dildine, that sealed the deal.

"He said he was in Atlanta, making the final arrangements for the houses, and he'd let me know when he came back. A week went by, I contacted him again said I haven't heard anything. He said, 'I'm working on it, I'll get you answers,'" said Dildine.

He said the broker provided him with a FedEx number. But no FedEx package ever arrived.

"'I'll see you in Augusta,' is the last thing he said to me on Thursday," said Dildine.

He began to get suspicious.

"My last thing to him was, if this is a scam, just let me know. Just let us know, we're all excited about going. We're trying to make our plans because we're a week away," he said.

Dildine did some more research.

"April 1, I went on Craigslist and typed in 'Masters Scam,' April 1. It popped up. A lady in Tucson, Ariz. who I contacted by phone who had been scammed by this individual. And she was out $14,000," he said.

Since then, Dildine said he's spoken to people in Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Mississippi, Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, and Missouri.

"We all have the same story," he said. "Then on Friday, all communication stopped. Then last week we all got the letter from the attorney stating that this individual is under psychiatric care."

NewsChannel 5 spoke to that attorney Monday. Other than confirming that he is representing the alleged perpetrator, he declined comment.

Dildine said he has opened up a can of worms.

"I got calls all last week. I got calls all weekend. And the ones I got recently over the weekend saw my post on Craigslist were for Cardinals tickets for Opening Day. Green seats right behind home plate, six rows behind home plate for $1,600."

Dildine believes there are other victims out there.

"I have e-mail after e-mail after e-mail," he said. "I can tell you last count I had it was 38 people known scammed up to $120,000."

Police in Ballwin are compiling information and investigating.