Talia Kaplan

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - Jacque Niekamp has been coming to every home opener game since 1967 and almost every home game for more than 60 years.

She even travels to spring training with the Cardinals.

She is used to coming to Busch stadium with her mother, Mary Jane Thaman, the woman who inspired her love of the Cardinals.

Thaman went to games for more than 85 years. But, she passed away last March at the age of 92, and now Niekamp continues the tradition in her mother's memory.

She says this year's opening day was different than the others she has attended.

"Stan won't be here, the number one player of all time, so in that way it's melancholy and mother passed away before the start of last year's but as I told other people she was at every game she just had a different seat so in my mind my mother, Stan Musial, they are probably all in heaven listening to the late Ernie Hayes play 'Take me out to the Ball Game,'" said Niekamp.

She says she plans on carrying on the tradition her mom instilled in her from a young age for many more years to come.

She hopes the Cardinals win the World Series once again this year.