CLARKSVILLE, Mo. (KSDK) - The town of Clarksville is in danger again after the Mississippi River rose several inches overnight and the levy that was built downtown started to erode.

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The work has been going since Wednesday, building, filling and piling. Finally on Sunday some good news - the river had crested and was about to level off, until Monday morning.

"I went home with sort of a sense of relief and when I came in this morning the faces were a bit taut," says Mayor Jo Anne Smiley.

She explains that the crest on Sunday was misguided. A levee apparently broke upstream causing the river to level off.

"Once that was done and the river compensated, then the river started rising again, so we got a couple three inches overnight," she says.

Sunday's level was at 34.7, that's about nine and a half feet above flood stage. Monday's crest is sitting around 35.3 which is closer to ten feet above flood stage, but that's not the only problem.

"Can't mess around with the river, it's got to be strong or it won't hold," says resident Margie Greenwell.

The rock levee built over the past several days started to erode. So, in some spots there are more sandbags reinforcing the tarped levee, but in the weakest part they are nearly tripling the size of the levee.

"Which we are filling and we will cover that in plastic and it's up against the other wall to keep it from pushing back," says Greenwell.

Regardless of the future this is the present for the town of Clarksville and the mayor has confidence in her team.

"I feel like here again I am going home tonight feeling pretty good I think," says the mayor.

The mayor says another 75 members from theNational Guard will be in town Tuesday.

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