ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - The U.S. Coast Guard and Army Corps of Engineers has closed recreational boating on the Missouri, Illinois, and upper Mississippi rivers.

Coast Guard officials cite debris, fast currents, unmarked submerged objects, and generally dangerous conditions as the reason for the order.

Conditions on these rivers also make rescue operations difficult if someone were to get into trouble.

The Coast Guard and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers released the following tips to keep citizens safe during high water events:
Watch the situation around you especially if you live or work in flood-prone areas.
• Stay in touch through the media for latest updates and warnings.
• Have a "what if" plan if you live or work in a flood prone area.
• Do not wade or swim in river waters. They are especially treacherous now.
• Never - never - drive into water on roads. Retreat and take another route. There is No Shortcut to Safety!

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