By Anne Allred

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - The St. Louis Area Food Bank has nominated three of its partnering agencies to compete for funds on Facebook.

Walmart is giving out 60 $20,000 grants to agencies that have the most votes via the social networking site.

TWIGS, a free summer lunch program combating childhood hunger in southern Illinois, plans to give out 50,000 lunches this summer. TWIGS founder and volunteer, Lisa Guilliams, says the money would pay for half of those lunches.

"Typically both mom and dad are working and often working more than one job. They just need a little bit of help," said Guilliams.

Loving Hearts Outreach in Washington, Missouri and Victory Dream Center in Carbondale, Ill. are also competing. Total, there are 168 food pantries in this contest nationwide.

In a separate contest, the St. Louis Area Food Bank is competing on Facebook for a $45,000 grant from the discount retailer.

You need a Facebook account to vote and can vote once a day.Click here to cast your ballot for St. Louis Area Food Bank. To vote forTWIGS, Loving Hearts Outreach, or Victory Dream Center, click on "Find more organizations," search the name,and then click on the word "vote."

Voting runs until April 30.

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