By Elizabeth Matthews

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - The City of St. Louis condemned a building that shares a wall with a charter school, and now parents are concerned the black mold and possibly hazardous chemicals inside are putting their kids in danger.

The building is near the Gateway Science Academy in the Northampton neighborhood. It is still owned by the Sterling Laquer company and is located just north of the school. Actually, the two share a common wall.

The concerns of the parents vary; some worry about the integrity of the building, the broken windows and barbed wire sitting on the roof. Others worry about what they say is black mold on some of the walls and leftover flammable products.

"I'm disgusted, I am scared, I have to drive by this every day, my child has her outdoor activities running by this building every day," said mom Amanda Vaccaro.

The building is connected to the school by a common wall and until recently the problem for the parents was just the exterior.

That was until Tom Nagl and his son saw some activity around the building.

"A truck with a flammable placard pulled up to one of the doors down there and they unloaded, some, I don't know what they unloaded but they unloaded something into the building," said Nagl.

Parents started wanting to know what was inside this old laquer manufacture building. One call and the Department of Natural Resources came to inspect.

"The DNR told me that there were two vats of paint and a vat of varnish, no other chemicals nothing else in there so as far as they are concerned there is no natural hazards there," said concerned resident Dan Hagerty.

Then St. Louis city inspectors came in. They found several code violations and have condemned the building.

The owner Sterling Lacquer has 10 days to comply with the violations and board up the windows.

As for the safety concerns, the city says, "Presently, there is no danger to the children in the adjoining school."

The Missouri Charter Public School Association Says the school has "Taken every precaution to ensure that the school is a safe learning environment for children." They "want parents to feel reassured that their children are safe at the school."

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