By Steve Patterson

CREVE COEUR, Mo. (KSDK) - Police in Creve Coeur are looking for suspects in a cluster of car fires at two religious institutions less than one mile apart.

Police say the fires are arsons. Leaves and twigs were shoved into gas tanks and set on fire, but up the road at Missouri Baptist University, you'll see chunks of char, all that's left from vehicles that were destroyed.

Early Wednesday morning on Lot B on the school's campus, a university vehicle was destroyed. All that's left is bits of twisted metal and melted plastic.

Meanwhile, less than a mile away at Covenant Seminary, officials there say a very similar crime happened with just a different result.

There, shrubbery shoved into gas tanks and lit on fire. They were student vehicles, and students aren't happy.

"It's kind of sad that you would, you know, find joy in destroying property and making people have to spend time and money on repairing something like that," said theology student Rob Wheeler.

Despite the similar time, around 4:30, despite the short proximity, less than a mile, both police and administrators say they have to treat the investigation as two separate incidents, at least for now.

"The mood on campus, with our campus, is one of concern, but it's one of just allowing the investigation to run its course. We don't really know if it's connected to anything," said Mike Higgins, dean of students.

For now, it's finals, so back to studying, back to worship, and maybe just a little extra prayer for justice.

Police and campus security have stepped up patrols at both institutions.

So far, no one in custody, but investigators say they're working leads.